Forty-Niner Intensive Transition Program (FIT)

Dates: August 11th - September 10th, 2022

The Forty-Niner Intensive Transition (FIT) Program is an intensive transitional program offered prior to the beginning of the fall semester to newly admitted students. Students in FIT will receive structured advising, an array of support services, and college engagement activities that are designed to promote a successful transition into UNC Charlotte. Through FIT,  students will have the opportunity to move into their fall housing assignment 2 weeks preceding the fall semester. During this session, students will be enrolled in a 1-3-credit hour course, be assigned a peer mentor, engage with campus partners to learn about campus resources, and be introduced to academic support services and student engagement opportunities on campus.  At the conclusion of the program, students should be able to identify graduation requirements for their major, effectively identify and use library support services, demonstrate financial literacy in areas of financial aid, scholarships, and credit/debt, as well as demonstrate the value of peer relationships to support their transition to the University. 

Why FIT?

FIT provides students with a better understanding of campus resources and provides networking opportunities so that students know exactly what is expected of them as they establish contacts early on in their university experience. FIT benefits include:

  • Become familiar with the UNC Charlotte campus, its resources, and support services.
  • Establish a sense of belonging on campus.
  • Connect with opportunities to become involved and engaged on campus.
  • Sessions specifically designed for FIT students to address their academic and career success.
  • Workshops that focus on social issues and acclimation to the university.
  • Learn how to utilize library resources.
  • Network with other incoming students with similar goals.
  • The opportunity to be matched with a student mentor before entering UNC Charlotte to answer questions as the student prepares for their transition to university.
  • Develop strategies for navigating the rest of your experience at UNC Charlotte.

FIT Cohorts

Additionally, FIT offers students the opportunity to be apart of cohorts that are intended to further assist in a student's transition to college. The current cohorts that we offer are the following:

targeted towards: admitted students who would like the opportunity to better prepare for courses that are required for majors in business, engineering, mathematics, computing, health or the physical or social sciences.
targeted towards: students who are majoring in computer science or interested in computer science with no prior programming experience (no coding experience). For more information click here. only viewable through UNC Charlotte email address.
targeted towards: varsity student athletes,must be permitted by the Athletic Academic Center
A seminar-style learning experience open to all new students. The course will use the sociological imagination to examine how institutions influence us during our path in college. For more information click here. only viewable through UNC Charlotte email address.
only open to RoadtoHire students.