Building Better Brothers (B3)

Building Better Brothers

Building Better Brothers (B3) is designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of Black and African American men. The central goal is to help you matriculate through your collegiate career at Charlotte, and produce graduates with high academic achievement and preparedness for post-graduate life. B3 will also create a brotherhood among its participants that supports and expects excellence academically, socially and professionally.

Program services include but are not limited to:

  • Faculty/Staff, Alumni and Community Mentorship
  • Secondary Academic Advising
  • Academic and Life-Skills Workshops
  • Financial Advisement
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Network and Relationship Building
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Social Events
  • Student Leadership Opportunities


B3 Rap Session

Held twice a month, B3 Rap Sessions are held to address the issues and concerns B3 participants are contending with. This is critical because it serves as a refuge where B3 participants can come together and learn from and support each other, vent their frustration and learn how to problem solve productively, efficiently, and effectively.

B3 Leadership Retreat

The B3 Leadership Retreat promotes self-awareness, unity, academic motivation, leadership, and manhood. Participants will be able to come together during the retreat and discuss relevant topics specific to their experiences in their home and collegiate communities. Participants are exposed to UNC Charlotte staff and community leaders, presented workshops, participate in discussions and are able to enjoy an exciting opportunity to bond, network and reflect on who they are and the unlimited potential they possess.

Community Service

B3 strives to provide participants with the opportunity to make positive contributions to campus and greater Charlotte community which will encourage community involvement and responsibility, strengthen university-community relations, and provide opportunities for active learning through collaboration. B3 accomplishes this by planning an annual service event, peer mentoring and volunteering at area schools and community organizations.

Participants will also have the opportunity to create and lead their own service project.

Academic Advisement and Enrichment

B3 participants will meet with an academic advisor once each semester (mid-term) either in a one-on-one or group session. A one-on-one session will be required for participants who are struggling academically (mid-term deficiencies, low cumulative GPAs, etc.). This Academic Check must be completed before registration for the next term; a hold will be placed on student’s account that will prevent registration.

During the Academic Check, we will ensure that participants are taking classes pertinent to their educational and professional goals, review course grades to date, discuss any mid-term issues ways to address them, and next term registration. Academic Check will also serve as a space to review personal action plan/goals and discuss the necessary means to attain said plan/goals.




Program Criteria:

  1. B3 targets Black and African American men, but is open to any person who identifies as a male
  2. Must be enrolled full-time (12-credit hour minimum)
  3. Must maintain a minimum GPA cumulative GPA of 2.5 (B3 makes it our goal for all participants to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.)
  4. Must attend 10 hours of Study Hall per semester
  5. Must attend 3 B3 Rap Sessions per semester
  6. Must attend a minimum of 2 B3 or OADI workshops or programs each semester
  7. Must complete 10 hours of B3 affiliated Community Service per semester
  8. Must make Academic Check appointment each semester
  9. Must attend either the Wealth Summit or Leadership Symposium
  10. Must strive for academic excellence and uphold the standards of Building Better Brothers and the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion

Failure to meet above criteria could result in, but not limited to, social probation, restriction from attending B3 Leadership Retreat, or removal from the active roster.


Building Better Brothers